How much do people matter?

We know that people mattered enough for God to send Jesus on a sacrificial rescue mission to Earth. Jesus came looking for everyone who wanted their own way. And He came to rescue everyone who had lost their way. People mattered to God enough that He provided a way for them to return to Him - Jesus promised “I am the way, the truth and the life!” [John 14:6].

I am so thankful for the way our church postures its heart, its budgets and its decision-making, aligning ourselves with God’s heart for His creation. In the pages of this document, you will see how we’ve worked hard to be increasingly generous with the resources God has entrusted us with, increasingly careful to focus our efforts on Jesus’ mission and increasingly purposed to help people grow in their relationship with Jesus.

I want to thank our Board of Deacons and Elders Team who carry the well-being of our church in their hearts, through their prayers and with their service. I also want to thank our committed Staff Team who, with great frequency, go “above and beyond” to serve our church and our city!

I’m privileged to be a member of with all of you!
Pastor Jonathan Smith

Lead Pastor
  • Knowing God describes both a starting point and a journey.
    Inviting others to know Jesus, and growing deeper in relationship with Him, is our prime focus. This foundational strategy feeds all of our behaviours in this way; if we truly know God, we will become more loving, generous, forgiving, and willing to serve.

    “That I may know him and the power of his resurrection”

    ~ Philippians 3:10a

  • Through the example of Jesus, we see that love is fundamentally an action. He showed his love by serving those around him without expecting anything in return. He moved straight toward people even when they were at their worst. We want to love people like Jesus did.

    “Anyone who does not love does not know God, because God is love.”

    ~ 1 John 4:8

  • We love Toronto and want to make a lasting impact on our city
    for good! It is our desire to make a signi cant contribution to the life and health of this city by doing social justice and living our daily lives inspired by the life of Jesus Christ.

    “And work for the peace and prosperity of the city where I sent you into exile. Pray to the Lord for it, for its welfare will determine your welfare.”

    ~ Jeremiah 29:7

2019/2020 DEACONS

The following Board Members will continue to serve on the 2019/2020 Deacon Board:

The following Board Members have served well & will now take their required sabbatical:


After receiving names from our members to be considered for the three open Board positions, the Nomination Committee [Mark Varvas, Debbie Sinnatamby, Wendy Mayhew, Sherrol Shand and Pastor Jonathan Smith] carefully and prayerfully selected the following names to present to our Deacon Board. Our Deacons are recommending the following people to our members to fill the vacant positions on our Board of Deacons:

Charmaine Francis

Charmaine has attended OneChurch.To for the past 30 years. During that time, she has served in Community Groups, the Finance and Risk Committee, Deacon Board, Prayer Team, MarriedLife, Global Focus Committee, as an Elder and as a member of our Kids Ministry team. Charmaine works as a Manager Administrative Support in the Corporate Areas as the BMO Financial Group.

Joe Shum

Joe grew up just down the street from our Agincourt Campus. He has been a follower of Jesus for the past 18 years, has served on our IT Committee and has been involved in Community Groups. Joe is married to Elaine and has two young children [one of them due in February]. He is the VP of Sales at an enterprise software company.

Junior Weir

Junior has been attending OneChurch.To for over 30 years and has been a dedicated follower of Jesus for the past 9 years. He has served on the our Alpha team, communion team, prayer team, drama, and Junior High teams. Junior is married to Teresa and is a father of four. He is currently employed as a police constable with the York Regional Police.


17 Baptisms

18 in the first 
6  months of 2018
48 Child Dedications

18 in the first
6 months of 2018
8 Weddings

1 in the first
6 months of 2018
16 Funerals

8 in the first
6 months of 2018
48 New members

"Taking steps to serve together"

Total # of volunteers:
493 in the first
6 months of 2018

"Taking steps to give together"

# of New Givers
# of people who gave
2,063 in the first
6 months of 2018

"Taking steps to invite others"

I’m New (Guests)
30 in the first
6 months of 2018
# of 201: Next guests
16 in the first
6 months of 2018
# of 101: Alpha guests
35 in the first
6 months of 2018
The story on new guests from last year January to June this year is an amazing one. We went from a total of 30 new guests last year to 173  this year. This was due to the development of the Next Steps Lounge and a change in how we welcome people. We ask people to head to Next Steps Lounge to chat with a Connector and receive their gift. It has become a great place to make a connection with people and there are many stories of people who have taken the next steps.

Last week a young man came to tell us that he is new and is not a christian – He is a believer of another faith. We welcomed him and gave him the book/card. He came back the following week, connected at Next Steps Lounge again and then last night he showed up at Alpha. These are the types of stories we are looking for. There are many more of these stories.
Alpha Survey Quotes:

"Overall I had a great time - Alpha forced me to open up my horizons and do my own research." 

"My experience with Alpha motivated me to build faith towards Jesus."

"Great experience! I really felt welcomed and made great connections."
Average # of kids 
per week
118 in the first
6 months of 2018 
Total # of kids
checked in
1,968 in the first
6 months of 2018
# NEW of kids 
checked in
7 in the first
6 months of 2018
Average attendance 
per week
31 in the first
6 months of 2018
Average attendance 
per week
29 in the first
6 months of 2018
Average attendance 
per week
28 in the first
6 months of 2018

NextGen Highlights

This past August we tried something new in the NextGen department. We know that it is becoming harder and harder to connect with junior highs or youth groups in churches. They don't feel comfortable, or they're scared of the transition. This year we decided to have the Gr.5 sleepover and intentionally create moments of fellowship, community and a call to action. These moments were specifically made to challenge our grade fives going into grade six to make their faith their own. We had tons of fun, lots of candy, lots of laughs, no sleep and lots of very intentional conversations. Coming out of that night our grade five students created friendships that will follow them throughout their high school days. We also instilled the importance and ability that each of them had in drawing closer to God. With that, four of those students made the decision to follow Jesus for the rest of their life.
Finley - age 3: "Leader Stephanie do you know what? It's going to be my birthday in September and do you know what (whispering) I'm going to invite teacher Camile to my party. She's my favorite church teacher." - leaders thank you for all that you do. These children will always remember you and the Christ like love you showed them. - Stephanie Jones
This past summer at day camp we were fortunate enough to support multiple families that otherwise would not be able to send their children to our camp do to financial reasons. One family specifically had a son that was very challenging for our team. We were in constant prayer for him and his family, and we're sometimes at a complete loss as to what to do or say to him. All we could do was ask that the Lord guide us and help us to lead him in a loving way. Throughout the summer, however, this specific boy started to soften and truly question who this Jesus person was. By the end of camp this child was asking for prayer, sitting with leaders discussing his Bible stories and slowly understanding who this wonderful loving God was to him.

Music Highlight

We were able to write, produce, and soon release two original songs written for and have been singing these two songs as part of our weekend gathering this past season.

The two songs are Hallelujah It Is Finished, and Flipped The Script.

And as we head into this new season and next year, we're aiming to write, produce and release more songs to be sung in our church community for our church community.


People visited
55 in the first
6 months of 2018
People prayed for on the prayer wall
# of Elders
# of Prayer Team members serving

"Taking steps to grow together"

# Community Groups
# Community Group leaders
# People attending Community Group

Global Workers

South America

Guatemala (Child Care Plus) - Hector Aragon
Dominican Republic (Leadership Development) - Adrian Thomas
Uruguay (Church Planting) - Alex Certulo


Russia (Church + Teen Challenge) - Ilya Bantseev
India (Orphanage / Children) - Frank Juelich
Russia (Church) - Alexey & Tonia Pankov
India - Bill & Elveera Redwood
Israel (Work with the national church) - Wayne Hilsden
RAN (Unreached People) - Laila S
RAN (Unreached People) - Jed & Deborah L
Cambodia and Laos - Noel Hutchinson
China - Randall Naylor
Bangladesh (Church Planting) - Bishop Philip Adhikary


RAN (Unreached People)
Uganda (12 Church Planters in Northern Africa) - Simon Peter Emiau
Ethiopia (Church Planting) - Brian Rutten 
Kenya (Medical Hospital) - Deborah Sirjoosingh
Rwanda (Dental Clinic & Gospel) - Jesse Wong
Ethiopia - Jeff Walton


Toronto (Church Planting) - Ted Leck
Toronto (Ryerson University)- David Burke

PAOC Leadership

RAN (PAOC - Director) - Jeff & Sarah K
Asia (PAOC - Regional Director) - Peter Dove
Africa (PAOC - Regional Director) - Jeremy Feller 
Short Term Missions (PAOC - Director) - Matt Janes
Dominican Republic Global Experience Trip Report
- in support of Adrian and Sharon Thomas
The Dominican team consisted of 11 members, ranging from the age of 11 to 76.  This was a diverse team that Adrian & Sharon were able to leverage to serve a variety of needs.
“It was a privilege to serve alongside such a talented and dedicated team during the DR trip. The teams servant-heart was the spotlight of the trip. We felt the power of God’s love pour through us as we engaged with the locals through sharing testimony, prayer and words of encouragement.”

~ Emmanuel S. (GF Committee member & DR team member)
Total # of Runners
58 in 2018
Cross the Line Run, Golf & Cafe Proceeds
= 7 wells dug in Bangladesh

Global Focus giving
$205,800 in the first
6 months of 2018
Total # of people who gave
686 in the first
6 months of 2018


# of meals served
5,063 in the first
6 months of 2018
# of visits
9,920 in the first
6 months of 2018
# of people helped
by our“Helps Ministry”
14 in 2018
We had a thank you card from someone who received Helps in 2018. They were in a more secure spot financially and were able to give back to the church in order for someone else to receive support in the way they did. They were thankful to be a part of a church that takes care of people.
Average weekly
1240 in the first
6 months of 2018
Average weekly
121 in the first
6 months of 2018
ESL participants
(english as a second language)
103 in the first
6 months of 2018
Engaged through 
cross cultural tutoring
16 in the first
6 months of 2018
“Clairlea Church is where we belong and we have a mission to let others know that God cares and God loves them!”  ~ Marissa Valle
Average weekly 
# of chatroom
# of live prayers
& direct chats
"Thank you for the Online Church platform. I am able to share it with my friends and family" 

"I came to the physical building because I was invited to watch online first" 

"Thank you for today's message. I need to surrender my problems to God" 

In Loving Memory

Veronica Brown
Carlton Yorke
Olive Morris
Rose Bowes

John Cvetkovic
Irma Herrera
Joyce Thomas
Monica Parker

Financial Report

Total Revenue
$1,896,407 in the first
6 months of 2018
Download the detailed financial report here
NOTE: pick-up a physical copy of the full financial report at the INFO DESK at any of our locations
Download the minutes from our last Annual Members Meeting here
**All statistics on this report are measured from January to June, 2019 and compared to the same time period of 2018
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