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Global Focus TRIPS

Joining a Global Focus Trip will completely change your life! We go to build relationships and partner with our Global Workers. 
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*If there are not enough applicants for a trip, we may choose to cancel or postpone
Global Focus Trip FAQ & Need to Know

Kenya – Summer Virtual Trip

Team Members: This team is looking for individuals who have experience in business entrepreneurship and a heart to share what they know with other entrepreneurs. The team will support Eggreneurs programs, entrepreneurs, business leaders & pastoral leaders. The team will also need individuals to support & care for the community members we interact with (pastors, leaders & entrepreneurs).

Who we are supporting: The Eggpreneur initiative works with local women and communities to build sustainable poultry-farming ventures that help youth and women, gain employment, nutrition and end cycles of poverty. The programs help to provide economic empowerment for youth and women, who have no jobs or income, but are willing to start a home-based micro-poultry business. These individuals stay connected to the hub for technical support, farm inputs and access to the market.

When: Summer 
Where: Nairobi, Kenya
Apply using the link above

Russia (Youth & Young Adult) – Postponed to 2021

Team Members: This team is looking for youth (grades 11-12) and young adults (ages 18-29) who will help run a soccer camp for children/youth that are a part of our global partners Youth Unlimited programming. Team members will have opportunities to connect with other youth through a week-long soccer program. Support will be needed for building relationships with the teens and provide an opportunity to connect disengaged youth to our global partners’ Youth Unlimited program.

Who we are supporting: Our global partners, Ilya and Janet Bantseev, are in Siberia helping to meet the local needs of their community. Their programs target youth issues such as drug abuse and other forms of addiction. They continue to build relationships with youth and encourage spiritual conversations through courses like Alpha

When: Summer
Where: Siberia, Russia
Cost: $2,200/person (flight, accommodations, in-country travel & meals)
Application deadline: March 1st

Bangladesh – Postponed to 2021

Team Members: This team is looking for individuals who are able to provide day camp programs & medical care for orphaned children living in poverty. Individuals are needed to help run & support day camp programming. Gynecologists, doctors & other healthcare practitioners are needed for this trip to provide medical care for the children. There is also a need for social media marketing experts that can help advertise our global partners’ services to the local community.

Who we are supporting: Our global partner in Bangladesh, Philip Adhikary gives help to individuals and families in poverty by meeting practical needs with the intention to point people to Jesus. Philip works closely with ERDO to provide clean drinking water to those in need.

When: Summer
Where: Bangladesh
Cost: $2,750/person (flight, accommodations, in-country travel & meals)
Application deadline: April 1st

Dominican Republic (Family) – Postponed to 2021

Team Members: This team is looking for families (parent/guardian & kids) to help support the family systems in the Dominican Republic on topics such as bullying. There is a need for family counsellors, teachers, civil service professions (police officers, firefighters & medical practitioners) to help facilitate seminars and discussion groups. Kids will be able to participate in peer-peer conversations to share their experiences to encourage other kids.

Who we are supporting: Our global partners in the Dominican Republic, Sharon and Adrian Thomas are helping to meet the local needs of their community through programs that address social and spiritual needs.

When: Summer
Where: Dominican Republic
Cost: $1,500/person (flight, accommodations, in-country travel & meals)
Application deadline: April 1st

Mongolia – September 2021

Team Members: This team is looking for individuals who want to support a Life Skills Program that helps to teach values to parents and children. There is a need for professional counsellors and psychologists who can help provide skills training to teachers within the government school system as well as parents of broken families. The team will also need individuals who can connect with the herding community and provide care with the Winter Kit program. 

Who we are supporting: Our global partner, Badmaa Tsogoo, provides training and curriculum preparation for state schools in Mongolia. The Life Skills Centre helps to create programs and opportunities for parents/children to create better value systems by using biblical principles. 

When: Fall
Where: Mongolia
Cost: $2,500/person (flight, accommodations, in-country travel & meals)
Application deadline: April 15th

2021 Global Focus PROJECTS

Here are the projects happening now, that you are supporting

Crisis Centre Build – $6,000

Alejandro Certulo (Uruguay)

This Crisis Centre will support individuals struggling with addictions

Medical Clinic – $10,000

Deborah Sirjoosingh (Kenya)

Deploy 28 staff to help operate medical clinics

Kids Church Rooms – $4,000

Hector Aragon (Guatemala)

Build 2 rooms for local kids to attend church programs

Feeding Program – $10,000

Kathy Bowler (Malawi)

600 children will be served food and gain access to essential services

Training Church Planters – $10,000

Leila S. (RAN)

Training for 10 new church plant leaders.

Life Skills Centre – $10,000

Noel Hutchinson (Mongolia)

Help launch new Life Skills Centre in marginalized areas

Children's Home – $15,000

Philp Adhikary (Bangladesh)

Holistic care for 12 displaced children in a remote region

Global Worker Care – $15,000

Heritage House (Toronto)

Renovation costs for apartments that provide housing for Global Workers

Supplies & Sponsorship – $20,000

Global Impact Teams (Global)

Support individuals on their first trip as they join a global impact team

Vocational Training – $7,500

Shan Selvaratnam (Sri Lanka)

Send 5 orphaned teens to vocational training

Youth Alpha – $10,000

Maire-Astrid (Quebec)

Help translate Youth Alpha into French

Egg Farming – $7,500

Matt Dickson (Kenya)

Provide sustainable living for women with families.


South America

Guatemala (Child Care Plus) - Hector Aragon
Dominican Republic (Leadership Development) - Adrian Thomas
Uruguay (Church Planting) - Alex Certulo


Russia (Church + Teen Challenge) - Ilya Bantseev
India (Orphanage / Children) - Frank Juelich
Russia (Church) - Alexey & Tonia Pankov
India - Bill & Elveera Redwood
Israel (Work with the national church) - Wayne Hilsden
Cambodia and Laos - Noel Hutchinson
Bangladesh (Church Planting) - Bishop Philip Adhikary


RAN (Unreached People)
Uganda (12 Church Planters in Northern Africa) - Simon Peter Emiau
Ethiopia (Church Planting) - Brian Rutten 
Kenya (Medical Hospital) - Deborah Sirjoosingh
Rwanda (Dental Clinic & Gospel) - Jesse Wong
Ethiopia - Jeff Walton
Rwanda - Jesse Wong


Toronto (Church Planting) - Ted Leck
Toronto (Ryerson University)- David Burke

PAOC Leadership

Asia (PAOC - Regional Director) - Peter Dove
Africa (PAOC - Regional Director) - Jeremy Feller 
Short Term Missions (PAOC - Director) - Matt Janes

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