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South America

Guatemala - Hector Aragon
Dominican Republic - Adrian & Sharon Thomas
Uruguay - Alex Cetrulo
Guyana - Colin & Dorselie Gitens


Restricted Access Nation - Jed & Deb L. 
Restricted Access Nation - Laila S.
Restricted Access Nation. - Matt K. 
Ethiopia - Brian & Val Rutten 
Kenya - Deborah Sirjoosingh
Rwanda - Jesse Wong
Malawi - Jef & Renatta Walton


Russia - Alexey & Tonia Pankov
Restricted Access Nation - B. & E. R.
Russia - Ilya & Janet Bantseev
Cambodia and Laos - Noel & Marnie Hutchinson
China - Randall N.


Toronto - Church in the City
Toronto - David Burke

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Global Focus PROJECTS

Here are the projects that you supported:

India | COVID-19 Response

-India’s second wave of COVID-19 is proving to be deadly. Cases are increasing dramatically and threatening the taxed healthcare system. Hospitals are running out of beds and oxygen, and patients are dying before they can be transferred to another facility.

-Kolkata Mercy Hospital has a desperate need for ICU ventilators and non-invasive breathing machines to treat COVID-19. Donating towards these two hospitals will save lives in the fight against COVID-19.

Bangladesh | COVID-19 Response

-A massive fire swept through the Rohingya Refugee Camp located in Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh in March 2021, causing displacement and destruction.

-With refugee shelters made of bamboo frames and tarpaulins, built less than 1 foot apart, the fire spread rapidly and affected 26,486 households, leaving 126,381 refugees destitute and squatting in nearby open areas.

-This project will respond to the immediate needs of 430 vulnerable families with Crisis Response Packs to subsidize emergency food rations, provide protection from insect borne disease and provide utensils so families can gather water and prepare food.


-Zimbabwe is in the middle of a food emergency. Families are struggling to grow and purchase their own food because of climate and economic shocks.

-The program helps feed over 11,000 children. This program provides cereal to 9,941 children under five and 1,059 children with HIV/AIDS.

-This project will be matched 4:1 by the Canadian government.


-Political conflict has caused widespread displacement and food insecurity in South Sudan.

-South Sudanese refugees, 87% of whom are women and children, will receive Corn Soya Blend Plus and nutritional monitoring to pregnant women and persons with special needs.

-This project will be matched 4:1 by the Canadian government.

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