From 2013 - 2017 has given a total of $966,123.88 for Global Focus projects at home and overseas.

Consider what you can give in 2019, so together we can make an ongoing difference globally and locally as a church family!

2019 Global Experience TRIPS

Be part of what God is doing around the world. Click a trip below and apply now.

Thunder Bay – August 11-18

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The purpose of this trip will help support NorthWind Family Ministries in their efforts to create a safe place for others to find community and meaningful connections to God & one another. The trip will include 4 day trips to communities where relationships and bridges are being made to NorthWind Family Ministries. The final 3 days, the team will help host a weekend overnight camp for youth who are part of these communities. The team will help facilitate camp activities (i.e. paintball, canoeing, archery, etc...) with the intention of helping youth find a place to belong. The overnight camp will also have gatherings where youth have opportunities to connect with God and each other through small group conversations.
NorthWind Family Ministries

Mongolia – September 30 - October 11

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The purpose of this trip will help support Noel Hutchinson (one of our very own global workers) in Mongolia, a country with 90,000 Christians who started with only 5 Christians after Communism fell. You will be a part of a team that helps with kids and families with Life Skills Training as part of our service with the team. You will also have the opportunity to travel with some of the church planters who share the story of Jesus to a nomadic people group. Check out the video below from Noel and the Asian Outreach website (a strategic partner of ours).
Video From NoelAsian Outreach (Mongolia)

2018 Global Focus PROJECTS

Here are the projects happening now, that you supported in 2018

Heritage House – $25,000 (Toronto)

Our Heritage House has provided short term housing for our Global Workers when they come back to Canada. They and their families are able to reconnect with their support churches and find a home that provides them a homebase. This project money will be used to make some much needed repairs and upgrades to this aging facility.

Global Focus Trips – $15,000 (Global)

This project will help Global Focus trips with supplies needed on the ground overseas as well as responding to unforeseen needs globally.

Our team is planning at least 2 Global Focus Trips in 2019. We will be hosting an information session for these trips on January 13, 2019. Register at

Feeding Program – $10,000

Kathy Bowler (Malawi)

This program works with children who have disabilities - providing physiotherapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy, epilepsy management, orthopaedic surgery, vision and hearing treatment.
This project will ensure to provide a full-protein porridge meal for malnourished children.

Persecuted Church – $10,000

Cannot disclose (Eritrea, Africa)

This project will provide training for leaders in a country in Africa where the church was under heavy persecution. Recent developments have opened a door to enter the nation to encourage and equip those leading churches.

Medical Supplies – $17,000

Deborah Sirjoosingh (Turkana, Kenya)

This project will provide medical supplies and support for the Health Centre Operations in an extremely remote area of northern Kenya.

Dental Clinic – $2,500

Jesse Wong (Kigali, Rwanda)

There is only 1 dentist for every 500,000 people in this region. This project would go to purchase more Dental clinic equipment for another clinic.

Equipping University Students – $10,000

Zelelam Abebe (Kigali, Rwanda)

EvaSue (Evangelical Students & Graduates Union of Ethiopa) is a student-based disciple making movement that serves university and college Christian students in 157 campuses throughout Ethiopia (approx. 50,000 Christian students).
These funds sponsored a Conference (in Addis Ababa on Aug. 21-25 and in Hawasa on Sept. 6-8), inspiring students for campus evangelism and highlighting their role as Kingdom citizens within their future respective professions.

Orphans in India – $2,000

Vathsala Thomas (Burning Bush Ministry, India)

These project dollars will provide Christmas for 110 orphans who are physically and mentally challenged

Children’s Shelters – $2,000

Shan Selvaratnam (Save My Child Intl., Sri Lanka)

To help purchase land for children’s shelters in northern Sri Lanka.

Church Plant – $20,000

Ilya Bantseev (Russia)

This will launch a new church in April of 2019 in the Kemerovo Region of Russia - providing Musical/sound equipment.

Pastoral Training – $2,000

Randall Naylor (Mongolia)

This project will provide Bible training in remote regions of Mongolia - training and equipping pastors.

Cross-cultural Tutoring Program – $4,000

SIM Canada (Toronto)

Supporting urban workers reaching some of the most unreached people in our city, through a cross-cultural tutoring program in the city of Toronto. – $11,000

Purchase Equipment - with the launch and growth of our Online Campus this project provides us with the needed tools to operate the campus.

Indigenous Youth – $12,000

LiveDifferent (Canada)

Bringing hope and purpose to Indigenous people in Canada. This project will support (2) week-long initiatives with indigenous youth on northern reserves.

Church Collaboration Project – $7,500

CityMovement (Canada)

There is a long-standing challenge of measuring social impact in cities. Do faith communities actually make a significant difference? This project will go towards creating a collaborative platform for all Churches & Ministries throughout Canada.


South America

Guatemala (Child Care Plus) - Hector Aragon
Dominican Republic (Leadership Development) - Adrian Thomas
Uruguay (Church Planting) - Alex Certulo


Russia (Church + Teen Challenge) - Ilya Bantseev
India (Orphanage / Children) - Frank Juelich
Russia (Church) - Alexey & Tonia Pankov
India - Bill & Elveera Redwood
Israel (Work with the national church) - Wayne Hilsden
RAN (Unreached People) - Laila S
RAN (Unreached People) - Jed & Deborah L
Cambodia and Laos - Noel Hutchinson
China - Randall Naylor
Bangladesh (Church Planting) - Bishop Philip Adhikary


RAN (Unreached People)
Uganda (12 Church Planters in Northern Africa) - Simon Peter Emiau
Ethiopia (Church Planting) - Brian Rutten 
Kenya (Medical Hospital) - Deborah Sirjoosingh
Rwanda (Dental Clinic & Gospel) - Jesse Wong
Ethiopia - Jeff Walton


Toronto (Church Planting) - Ted Leck
Toronto (Ryerson University)- David Burke

PAOC Leadership

RAN (PAOC - Director) - Jeff & Sarah K
Asia (PAOC - Regional Director) - Peter Dove
Africa (PAOC - Regional Director) - Jeremy Feller 
Short Term Missions (PAOC - Director) - Matt Janes
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