Become a Global Focus Partner

A Global Focus Partner is joining together with Jesus’ heart to reach people far from God.
As a Global Focus Partner you will receive:
Global Focus Partners support our global workers and projects.
From 2013 - 2017 has given a total of $966,123.88 for Global Focus projects at home and overseas.

Consider what you can give in 2019, so together we can make an ongoing difference globally and locally as a church family!

Global Focus TRIPS

Joining a Global Focus Trip will completely change your life! We go to build relationships and partner with our Global Workers. 
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2019 Global Focus PROJECTS

Here are the projects happening now, that you are supporting

Crisis Centre Build – $6,000

Alejandro Certulo (Uruguay)

This Crisis Centre will support individuals struggling with addictions

Medical Clinic – $10,000

Deborah Sirjoosingh (Kenya)

Deploy 28 staff to help operate medical clinics

Kids Church Rooms – $4,000

Hector Aragon (Guatemala)

Build 2 rooms for local kids to attend church programs

Feeding Program – $10,000

Kathy Bowler (Malawi)

600 children will be served food and gain access to essential services

Training Church Planters – $10,000

Leila S. (RAN)

Training for 10 new church plant leaders.

Life Skills Centre – $10,000

Noel Hutchinson (Mongolia)

Help launch new Life Skills Centre in marginalized areas

Children's Home – $15,000

Philp Adhikary (Bangladesh)

Holistic care for 12 displaced children in a remote region

Global Worker Care – $15,000

Heritage House (Toronto)

Renovation costs for apartments that provide housing for Global Workers

Supplies & Sponsorship – $20,000

Global Impact Teams (Global)

Support individuals on their first trip as they join a global impact team

Vocational Training – $7,500

Shan Selvaratnam (Sri Lanka)

Send 5 orphaned teens to vocational training

Youth Alpha – $10,000

Maire-Astrid (Quebec)

Help translate Youth Alpha into French

Egg Farming – $7,500

Matt Dickson (Kenya)

Provide sustainable living for women with families.


South America

Guatemala (Child Care Plus) - Hector Aragon
Dominican Republic (Leadership Development) - Adrian Thomas
Uruguay (Church Planting) - Alex Certulo


Russia (Church + Teen Challenge) - Ilya Bantseev
India (Orphanage / Children) - Frank Juelich
Russia (Church) - Alexey & Tonia Pankov
India - Bill & Elveera Redwood
Israel (Work with the national church) - Wayne Hilsden
RAN (Unreached People) - Laila S
RAN (Unreached People) - Jed & Deborah L
Cambodia and Laos - Noel Hutchinson
China - Randall Naylor
Bangladesh (Church Planting) - Bishop Philip Adhikary


RAN (Unreached People)
Uganda (12 Church Planters in Northern Africa) - Simon Peter Emiau
Ethiopia (Church Planting) - Brian Rutten 
Kenya (Medical Hospital) - Deborah Sirjoosingh
Rwanda (Dental Clinic & Gospel) - Jesse Wong
Ethiopia - Jeff Walton
Africa - Jeff Kelly
Africa - Jeremy Feller
Rwanda - Jesse Wong
Africa - Matt Kelly


Toronto (Church Planting) - Ted Leck
Toronto (Ryerson University)- David Burke

PAOC Leadership

RAN (PAOC - Director) - Jeff & Sarah K
Asia (PAOC - Regional Director) - Peter Dove
Africa (PAOC - Regional Director) - Jeremy Feller 
Short Term Missions (PAOC - Director) - Matt Janes

Global Worker Resources

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