A lot of sincere followers of Jesus (and even those not following Jesus) can have something happen to them that leaves them wondering- is there is something more to this? It could be a thought that hits us out of nowhere, a surprise experience that seems to be more than a coincidence. It can even be a dream. Usually it's a strong feeling in our heart. However it happends it leaves us asking "God, is that you?"

God does speak to us in different ways. ( Jesus said "my sheep know my voice.") But how do we know if it's really Jesus’ voice or if it’s just our own thoughts or feelings. The Christmas characters from the Gospel of Luke are going to give us a lot of help in knowing if it's really God speaking to us.

Pastor Keith Smith
Teaching Pastor
Dec 7-8
If it’s Really God...It Will Be About Others

Dec 14-15
If it’s Really God...He Will Get it Ready

Dec 21-22
If it’s Really God...It Will Be Affirmed by Godly People

Dec 28-29
If it’s Really God...It Will Be Part of God’s Bigger Plan
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