Conversations about the Holy Spirit... a series that is going to encourage you to be talking about the person of the Holy Spirit. There are so many mysterious aspects, questions and often misrepresentations of who the Holy Spirit is and what the Holy Spirit does, in and through us, as we follow Jesus.
Dr. Van Johnson, Pastor Keith Smith and I will be inviting you into a conversation about the gifts of the Spirit, the baptism of the Spirit, the leading of the Spirit and an invitation to experience every life-giving aspect of the Spirit’s work and presence. 

So join us with your questions, apprehensions and expectation as we embark on a conversation about the Holy Spirit! 

Jonathan Smith Lead Pastor


Series Overview

Series Outline:

Session 1: 
The Person of the Spirit
Session 2: 
The Spirit as Life
Session 3:
The Spirit as Guide
Session 4:
The Spirit as Communicator
Session 5:
The Spirit as Gift-Giver
Session 6:
The Spirit in Community
Leader Session:
Round table with Dr. Van, Pastor Keith & Pastor Jonathan


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