One tweet can raise the blood pressure on a lot of humans within seconds. Someone’s unjust actions caught on a video that goes viral can instantaneously start a conversation around the world. There’s a non stop parade of causes to get participate in. (And in our personal worlds…every one of us have at least someone who just showing up equals asking us to help them escalate their latest crisis). All of them ask you….to get involved . 

So here’s the question – when is it worthwhile to get involved?

Pastor Jonathan (joined by some chosen guests) is leading us into a series: 
INVOLVED – refusing to be passive in our aggressive world. Don’t worry, this is not about engagement in every cause and crisis that we’re hit with. Let’s learn how to steward our lives well …and refuse to be passive…about what really matters.

Pastor Keith Smith
Teaching Pastor
March 2-3 (ft. Daniel Leung)  
Involved in growing your community - including more

March 9-10 (ft. John Kirby) 
Involved in the needs of others - serving more

March 16-17 
Involved in lowering drama - helping more

March 23-24
Involved in bridging others to Jesus - inviting more

March 30-31 (ft. Keven Garratt)
Involved in God’s Agenda - Global Focus
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Gathering Times:
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