Being like Jesus? I wish. Actually... it can happen. One of the most unlikely candidates for being like Jesus does it. It only took him about 30 years. And it took brutal honesty, humility and increasing trust in Jesus to get there.

Now, in this series we're not promising "8 weeks to being like Jesus," but we do promise to show you how it happened for one first century follower of Jesus, and how it can increasingly happen in your lifetime.

How to live out Brutiful Faith

October 2

How to become good when you’re not good at it

October 9

How to increase your knowledge with the IQ you’re stuck with

October 16

How to Increase your Self Control

October 23

What to do when you feel like giving up

October 30

How to become more godly without being religious

November 6

How to include people you don’t have a lot in common with

November 13

How to believe in someone’s future

November 20


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