Titanium: Prayers of Declaration

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Week 1: The Body Armour of God

Until I see you I am reminded that you are my protecting arm,
fortress, refuge, shield. Fight for me and my foes must flee;
Uphold me and I cannot fall;
Strengthen me and I stand unmoved, unmovable;
Equip me and I shall receive no wound;
Stand by me and Satan will depart ;
Anoint my lips with the song of salvation and I shall shout thy victory;
Give me an abhorrence of all evil and may holiness
be the atmosphere in which I live.

Week 2: The Utility Belt of Truth

Jesus, when I am lied to, I will put truth in its place
by trusting what you say about me.
I find my value in what you paid for me.
I find my purpose in revealing your love to others.
I find my destiny in living for you now, and with you in heaven.
Thank you Jesus for standing up for me.
I’ll stand in you, for you, and with you forever.

Week 3: The Bulletproof Jacket of Righteousness

Jesus, thank you for gifting me your righteousness
 When I confess my sins you cleanse me
And I put on your righteousness
When I am falsely accused
I humbly stand in your truth and righteousness
And you will have the final say
Thank you that no weapon formed against me will prosper
As I stand as your child in your armour
In the strong Name of Jesus I thank you

Week 4: The Boots of Peace

I choose today to put on shoes of peace,
so that I can stand firm when confusion comes.
I choose to fix my thoughts on Jesus, who has overcome the world.
I choose to bring my confusion and questions to You,
and to prayerfully listen for Your wisdom.
I choose to hear the voices that help.
And I choose to trust that Your grace is more than enough to right my mistakes.
I choose to stand on the foundation of peace that Jesus gives,
and trust that it is enough.

Week 5: The Riot Shield of Faith

I choose to activate my faith by holding up my shield
Remind me today of how much I can trust You
I choose to not be distracted by my doubts
Help me grow into the gaps in my faith
I choose to layer my faith through healthy daily rhythms
Teach me how I can grow closer to You
I choose to stand alongside by brothers and sisters
Help me grow in how I love and serve Your church
Jesus, today I choose to hold up my shield of faith - in You

Week 6: The Helmet of Salvation

Jesus, thank you for providing such a comprehensive salvation,
that delivers me from my past, rescues me in the present and protects my future.
Whenever the Deceiver attempts to reduce me to less than what you say I am,
I will stand in the Cross right where the fire has already been.
Whenever he tries to misrepresent You,
I’ll remember the Cross and how much you love me.
Whenever he tries to mislead me, I’ll find my way wearing the helmet of salvation.
Whatever trials I face this week, and until I see you face to face,
I’ll stand strong in the one and only eternal salvation.

Week 7: The Bayonet of the Spirit

Father in Heaven, thank you for sending us your Son, Jesus.
Jesus, thank you for leaving Your Spirit to be with us.
Spirit, thank you for not abandoning us but working deeply inside of us
to transform us to be like Jesus.
Today, we as a community of believers chose to wield the sword of the Spirit
to demolish strongholds, evil powers, and oppressive powers.
Spirit, help us to wield this sword with love, joy, peace, patience,
gentleness, kindness, faithfulness, and self-control.
In the powerful name of Jesus, amen.

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