At we are committed to becoming followers of Jesus who Know God, Love People and Impact our City. And though each of us are at a unique stage in our faith journey, God has called each of us onto the path of discipleship.

Here at, we call this discipleship pathway Follow!

To start your journey, click here to begin:

Our Follow Assessment [for Adults & Teens] is designed to measure where you are at on your spiritual journey. 

Your customized plan will highlight some great next steps and recommendations that you can take to help you grow on your faith journey. You will receive your Personalized Follow Plan by email within a week of completing the assessment.

If you have any questions, please reach out to us!

Looking for resources for your journey?

“You get to choose to follow Jesus.
But we do not get to decide what it looks like to follow Jesus.
To be a follower means we need to become like Jesus.”
-Andy Stanley

Follow Podcast

There's something about unfiltered conversations with good people that reaches really deep. They're the ones that leave you chewing on an idea for days. Those are the conversations we're hunting for on the follow podcast ⎯ honest and open conversations for people who are actively learning to live like Jesus. If that sounds like you, grab a cup of tea... or your favourite seat on the bus and jump into the conversation!
Have a question for the podcast? Ask it here!
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