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Meet Others & Do Life Together

#TRYGROUPS is an easy way to experience what a group is all about. It’s an opportunity to meet others, participate in a small group discussion, while sharing your thoughts in a friendly environment.

Need help finding a group? We'd love to help you!

The Marriage Course

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Community Groups

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Sports & Recreation

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The Pre-Marriage Course

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The Financial Course

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Leader Impact

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Whether you wish to join or start a group, you're welcome here

Find A Group 

Life is not meant to be lived alone, join the community!

If you are looking to join an existing community group, choose a city location and explore the groups that meet there.

Once you've selected a group, click the "Join this Group" icon on the groups page and we will connect you with the community group leader.


Current Series

Please click on the links below to download the content for this week's Community Group Series.
Week 4 - June 20 - June 24Week 3 - June 13 - June 17Week 2 - June 6 - June 10Week 1 - May 30 - June 3

Prior Series
Hidden Costs

Please click on the links below to download the content from the prior Community Group Series.
Week 4 - May 16 - May 20Week 3 - May 9 - May 13Week 2 - May 2 - May 6Week 1 - April 25 - April 29

Start a Community Group in your area

Live life with people in your neighbourhood.

Starting a group is easy! Just grab a few friends, find a time and place to meet, and we'll provide all the discussion resources for you. It’s that easy! 

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