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YOLO...? How's it all going to end?
To access this series follow the instructions below

STEP 1:  Click the link to access the Vimeo on Demand page -
STEP 2:  Click "Buy All" on the right hand side
STEP 3:  Create a login account for Vimeo on Demand (if you don't already have one)
STEP 4:  At the billing screen, click on "apply promo code" at the bottom
STEP 5:  Enter the promo code yolo19 to receive your free access 
(NOTE: do not pay for this series - we can not issue refunds)
STEP 6:  Click "continue" to complete the purchase
Now, when you log into your Vimeo on Demand page, you can stream or download each week of the video series.
Bookmark this Vimeo on Demand page, as all future weeks will be made available as they are completed every Friday.

The Gospel Project
Units 5&6

Please click on the links below to download the content for this series.
Unit 5: Session 1
Unit 5: Session 2Unit 5: Session 3Unit 6: Session 1Unit 6: Session 2
Unit 6: Session 3

Daily Discipleship Guide

Please click on the link to access the website where you can purchase the new e-Book “Daily Discipleship Guide (DDG)” for this quarter for only $2.99:
Daily Discipleship Guide (DDG)
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