Aria’s Story

Meet Aria! She’s a 13 year old who loves soccer and loves making people’s days. You’ll find her spending time and checking in with the seniors in the café on Sunday mornings, as well as serving in the NextGen areas. On one particular Sunday, Aria noticed a senior named Desiree, making a purchase at the café, didn’t have enough money on her to complete her purchase, Aria decided to head on up and cover the cost. To Aria this little act is just a moment in her daily life, but she’s knows how valuable loving people in the little things is. “The little things really matter, especially if it’s just like (giving someone) $1 it could make someone’s day, it can make them happy, because you never know what someone’s going through” (Aria Selvaratnam, 2024).
Aria encourages young kids to try serving and to do it in an area they truly enjoy. She talks about the importance of recognizing that we don’t know what others are going through and to just keep pushing, “Don’t stop just because one person says something, keep going because you never know what that person is going through and you never know what the next answer is going to be’’ (Aria, 2024). Whether on the soccer field, serving at church or just doing life, Aria lives a life that does everything she can to just keep trying and to not be discouraged by momentary setbacks. As a leader and mentor to kids, Aria finds joy in being able to experience kids grow and learn about God in ways that she once did. She also doesn’t take the fact that kids look up to her lightly and leads by example in any way that she can. “The reason why I serve is I really like to see other people happy… because you never know what someone’s going through” (Aria Selvaratnam, 2024). Aria lives a life filled with loving people well, just as Christ loves us. Today, we encourage you to think of a little way that you can make someone’s day a bit better!
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