Barbara & Mirella’s Story

This is the story of two young Latinas discovering solace and connection at Their first encounter in a community group started a new chapter in their lives. With nobody else to turn to, they found support and friendship in this community.

Barbara Martinez, a student, journeyed here from Mexico through prayers. Before fulfilling her dream to move to Canada, Barbara’s life took an unexpected turn when her house was broken into, and her father was kidnapped. She never saw him again. At 19 years old, the weight of her family rested on her shoulders. Authorities dismissed claims, and Barbara and her family were left facing a harsh reality where justice was elusive. With insufficient money to get by and no one to turn to, Barbara found peace in God’s word: Numbers 27:6-7. 

After fighting for 15 long years, the court ruled in their favour —a victory that relieved her family and helped others in similar situations. Barbara’s mom received what was owed to her and told Barbara she did well-taking care of her family, but it was time for her to live out the dream God had placed on her heart all those years ago. She moved to Canada and got an Airbnb two blocks away from, which Pastor Philip later recommended as a church for her. This is where she met Mirella. 

Mirella Agui came here from Peru. Her journey to deeply knowing and seeking the love of God began on a path she never anticipated after the loss of her younger brother. Determined to forge a new future, she applied for a student visa to venture to Canada. Guided by Genesis 12:1-3, promising blessings for those who embark on new journeys, she waited anxiously for six long months until her visa came through—leaving behind her family, friends, and church. Mirella’s desire to continue walking with the Lord even in a new place led her here, where she found comfort and a sense of belonging. She submitted an “I’m new” form asking to join a group. It was there that she met Pastor Sheshan, who was incredibly welcoming. He invited her to join a conversation despite her language barriers, making her feel valued and understood in a new world. He introduced her to Barbara, who was also at the same college. 

Despite the miles and oceans that separated them, their lives crossed paths. God’s providence guided them. Since then, they have begun a community group, served in multiple areas, and walked the paths of their campus, spreading God’s love. They found strength in life’s storms, even when it meant leaving behind their homelands and the people they loved. They found beauty in their friendship and wisdom in knowing the Lord never fails to provide, whether in Mexico, Peru, or Canada.

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Written by M.L.

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