Grace & Vy’s Story

“God gave me cancer”. Words spoken by Vy, as he describes his journey. Vy has learned to view his battle with cancer as a blessing. He is confident that what he went through has made him a better father, husband, businessman and human being overall.

Vy has never been a person of much faith, but his wife, Grace always was. They started off as high school sweethearts and have been together for 32 years. Grace grew up in a faith filled home and Vy joined Grace at church as they began to think about marriage and the values they hoped to instill in their future family. Vy is also an entrepreneur who runs a successful family business. Throughout their years together, they can look back and see how God intervened in every aspect of their lives; hardships, marriage, career, and their children.

In 2022, Vy was diagnosed with cancer. It made him change his outlook on life. On having a positive outlook, Vy says, “I can’t control the disease. I can only control my attitude. I think if I learned anything, it’s that having faith and my wife having the ability to lean on God and the church community during this very tough time makes it a lot easier for us to remain positive.” One of the ways Grace and the kids got through that season was continuing to serve. Grace says, church was their recharge and constant touch point and they needed community more in that season. Although he’s cancer free – there’s post treatment issues that come about but community & prayers help them through. Although Vy is still figuring out his footing when it comes to faith, he can’t deny how good God was in the toughest season of their lives.

During Vy’s battle with cancer, he learned the value of time. “time is not infinite. It’s limited. You were put on this earth to do good things, if it’s to spread love or spread joy just within your small group of people…don’t think you have forever to do it… it taught me to take that time to love your family, be faithful, help your community… and all of that came about because I had cancer.” (Vy Hoang, 2024).

What’s next? Grace and Vy are determined to use the resources God’s blessed them with to love their community well. They’ve been able to provide education for children overseas, as a result of the success of their business but they plan to do much more locally in the coming days.

Written by Esther M

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