Kristan’s Story

In a long season where Kristan’s foundation was crumbling, God gave him a friend who led him to the strong foundation he now builds on.

Kristan, a writer, realtor and father of three, asked Jesus into his life as his saviour one random day on a jog with his friend Mark. He did not know then that that was just the beginning of the beautiful story God had intricately woven for him. At the time, Kristan had become a victim of his circumstances (separation from his spouse, among other moments). Kristan says if he had not been one, he doesn’t think he would’ve come to Christ as strongly as he did and has now. “Out of distress, I needed God so bad – and that gave me the desire to search and find a solid foundation in Him” (Kristan Erner, 2024).

Later on, Kristan was one of the many parents who came to celebrate his daughter’s graduation in April 2023. While sitting in the pews of the church hosting his daughter’s graduation, he scanned the QR code in front of him and found inviting events that made him consider this church a potential home for his family. Through Mark (who led him to Jesus), Kristan was introduced to Angel Morales and the LeaderImpact group. One day, having coffee with Angel he learned that the church he was considering to make his, was actually Angel’s church. There were so many coincidences like this one in Kristan’s life that he knows have proven how God had been there all along.

His encouragement to anyone looking for a stronger foundation with God is to “Keep questioning and understand that if you don’t talk to God, he cannot talk back to you. You need to not be embarrassed about having a relationship with God. You need to embrace the fact that God loves us…” (Kristan Erner, 2024).

Kristan says God is a part of his everyday life, and he wouldn’t trade it for anything. “Jesus has become my compass, guide, and new way of being. What I knew of myself is now gone; my rebirth into Christianity has been nothing less than stellar… I no longer question God’s existence, and the big secret is no longer a secret; he was always with me, always surrounding me, encompassing my very existence; I just never invited him in. I have surrendered to His glory, and no longer wonder; his voice has become my voice” (Kristan Erner, 2024).

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