Living While You’re Dying Q&R (Live) | Follow Podcast Episode 12

Follow Podcast Episode 12

This is a special live edition of the Follow Podcast. Coming right out of a gathering with guest speaker, Aaron Holbrough (you can watch the full teaching here: shared about his own journey with setbacks and suffering – and how he was able to surprisingly find God profoundly right in the middle of it. We had a chance to follow up that teaching with a Q&R (question and response) to dive deeper into what it means to be Living While You’re Dying.

*Stuff We Mentioned* [or wished we did]

– Aaron’s Instagram:

– The Living Backwards Series:


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0:00 Intro

0:59 Welcome Aaron!

2:25 Is this why bad things happen to good people?

6:40 How do you show up for someone who’s suffering?

11:26 Aaron’s reluctance to work at the treatment centre

15:08 Support = Listening

20:15 Meeting Jesus at a Funeral

22:34 Asking God “Why Me?”

23:29 Making Journalling a Friend

26:50 Giving Up On Faith

27:25 Mad at What You Thought was God

32:17 Talking to People Who Lost Faith

34:08 We Don’t Change Anyone’s Mind

38:35 Is Suffering Ever Meaningless?

45:55 Actively Pursuing Purpose

48:22 Closing


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