Peter & Winnie’s Story

Have you ever wondered why you were saved from something? What’s your purpose?
This is Peter and Winnie. The questions listed above have run through their minds. Imagine surviving a car accident you never should have. In 2017, Peter and Winnie experienced a car accident where their car flipped twice and fell 15 ft down an embankment; the vehicle was totalled. An individual on the scene immediately jumped in and took action. He supported both of their necks and called people surrounding them to help; an ambulance was passing by and was able to attend to Peter and Winnie – they survived with no significant injuries. They knew God protected them.
The question of “Why?” & “What was the significance of this accident?” still runs through their minds, but they have accomplished much following this accident, which makes it feel like their second chance at life. Peter and Winnie discuss that they’re grateful because they’ve been able to witness their grandchildren grow up, and their grandchildren have the opportunity to learn and do life alongside their grandparents. Winnie also got her PhD at the age of 65 after the accident. She encourages the importance of constantly challenging yourself to grow.
Peter and Winnie both live by the question, “How much is God worth to you?” and challenge us to be authentic in our faith and trustworthy and to live a life of integrity—especially for a God who lovingly sacrificed for us.
Now, Peter and Winnie emphasize the importance of being careful about life and investing their time well. They do this by serving on the care team and discovering ways to care for others. You may have seen them delivering care gifts throughout the year, praying with people, visiting our community and helping in other capacities. Not only do they love their community well, but they also enjoy caring for others through their jobs. Winnie is a counsellor, and Peter teaches in churches for over 30 years and owns a business that restores antiques. When discussing the importance of caring for others, Winnie shares, “… it is God’s will for his people to care for each other” (Winnie, 2024).
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