What is Knowing God? – Follow Podcast Episode 9

For Episode 9 we’re talking all about what we mean by “Knowing God.” First in a conversation with our Lead Pastor, Jonathan Smith to help us understand how we define Knowing God and why it matters to us. Then we’re going to tease that out a bit more practically with two of the OneChurch.to staff, Stephanie Jones and Rachithaa Mohanarajah.

*Stuff We Mentioned*
– Follow Assessment: https://onechurch.to/follow/
– Alpha: https://onechurch.to/alpha

The Follow Podcast is an honest and open conversation for anyone actively learning to live like Jesus.

This season we’ll be taking an in-depth look at the mission statement of our faith community (OneChurch.to). What does it mean to Know God, Love People and Impact Our City? We’ll be chatting with some of our staff and community to see what it looks like when it’s expanded from nice words to lived values.

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