Reassembling Community

The Old Testament tells the story of God’s work to reassemble and recreate a community that would love and serve as the Trinity does. Throughout the Old Testament, God’s people cycle between alignment with God and rebellion against God. Something is missing – a leader, a servant, an example, a Messiah.

Luke lays out a two-part story of God reassembling a community to be an example and a people who will attract the humble and the broken. This community welcomes in anybody and everybody regardless of their race, background, socio-economic realities, disabilities or sinful tendencies. This community is an imperfect collection of people that is transformative in nature. Those who join change, and wherever they are deployed the community changes.

  • Reassembling Community

    January 28
  • Empowered Community

    February 4
  • Authentic Community

    February 11
  • Inclusive Community

    February 18
  • Suffering Community

    February 25
  • Charismatic Community

    March 3
  • Discerning Community

    March 10
  • Prophetic Community

    March 17

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