Discerning Community Q&R (LIVE) | Follow Podcast Episode 13

This is another special live edition of the Follow Podcast. Following a teaching in our weekend gatherings (you can watch the full teaching here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9ik2pSS_jD4), Pastor Jonathan joined Matt for a conversation that included questions from those who were joining us live in our online chat room. Thanks to those who participated! Feel free to share your own questions too!

*Stuff We Mentioned* [or wished we did]
– The Series this was part of: “Reassembling Community” (https://onechurch.to/series/reassembling-community/)
– Andy Stanley’s book: “Better Decisions, Fewer Regrets” (https://andystanley.com/better-decisions-fewer-regrets/)
– Scot Mcknight’s book: “The Blue Parakeet” (https://a.co/d/5C93DuH)

The Follow Podcast is an honest and open conversation for anyone actively learning to live like Jesus.

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0:00 Intro
1:10 Peace Doesn’t Guarantee a Right Choice
2:25 Wisdom vs Discernment
5:57 What is healthy push-back?
11:28 Can non-homogenous be unified?
13:51 Choosing Songs for Gatherings Together
15:48 Discerning as a Leader in a Workplace
18:11 How Do We Move Toward Healthy Debate?
23:57 Bible Nerding – James Setting Aside Laws
29:57 What Would Be Setting Aside Too Much?
32:56 It’s Hard to Believe God Could Be That Gracious
36:43 Discerning as an Employee in a Workplace
40:57 Choosing What We Believe
43:41 Closing Thoughts


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